KIT Absorbs Noise MELADECOR wall

Kit 8 panels 1000 x 500 x 50 mm is for a surface of 4 m² to stick to the wall

Certification fire: M1

731,10 € Excl. tax. 877,32 € incl. tax.

Availability: Delivery within 5-7 days for grey and 3 weeks for the White

See: Technical specifications

Absorbs noise MELADECO the panel is a flexible convoluted foam with exceptional absorption noise quality. This foam is flame retardant particularly remarkable quality. The Absorbruit MELADECOR panel is chamfered 45 ° at an edge (15 x 15 mm). ? VERY LOUD SOUND ABSORPTION COEFFICIENT (see graph below Datasheet) It comes in 2 colors: White and light gray. COOLLE SOUND PROVIDED IN THE KIT

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